About Us

In a time when technology seems to have taken over our lives, it may come as quite a shock to pick up the phone, call your bank and be greeted by the cheerful voice of a real live person, rather than an automated phone system. At Security State Bank, our people answer the phone because we believe that personal service is just that – personal.


Security State Bank was chartered in 1925 with the simple goal of being the best bank possible to the families and businesses of South Texas. From a small community bank with modest assets, Security State Bank grew with each new customer. Through good times and bad, our customers and our communities came to know the bank as a dependable financial partner. During the 1980s, early 1990s and more recently during the early 2000s when many banks were becoming insolvent, selling out or closing their doors, Security State Bank remained strong and secure. No customer ever lost a penny and the bank never failed to pay dividends to our stockholders or to maintain a strong capital position. Over the years, Security State Bank has grown and prospered without compromising the basic fundamental principles that our customers have come to expect. These principles include superior customer service, active community involvement, fair and honest business ethics and loyalty and are the cornerstone of our way of doing business. Today, Security State Bank has locations in numerous South Texas communities and is recognized as one of the strongest banks in the state.

Safety & Security

Learn about how you can protect yourself from online and offline fraud, and how to avoid other forms of identity theft. Security State Bank will NEVER contact you via phone or email to request sensitive information.