Basic Checking

20 free withdrawals per statement cycle. $ .12 per withdrawal in excess of 20 per statement cycle

Anyone needing checking account privileges with low transaction numbers

ATM access, ACH debits and credits, monthly statements with no items in statement, Debit cards

$100.00 to open account, no minimum balance

See At a Glance above

Regular Checking

Unlimited transactions

Individuals and families requiring multiple transactions

ATM access, ACH debits and credits, monthly statement including items, Debit cards

$100.00 minimum to open, $750.00 minimum continuous balance to avoid service fees

See schedule provided at the bank

Super Now Account

Interest bearing unlimited checking

Individuals and families

Competitive interest rates, ATM, ACH credit and debits, monthly statement with items, Debit card


If balance falls below $1,000.00 – $15.00 service charge per month and 10 cents per item

Money Market Account

Interest bearing limited transaction account

Individuals, families, and businesses desiring competitive interest rates and flexibility

6 withdrawals per month, tiered interest rates based on low balance, ACH debits and credits, monthly statement with images


If balance falls below $ 1,000.00 – $ 15.00 service charge per month

Safety & Security

Learn about how you can protect yourself from online and offline fraud, and how to avoid other forms of identity theft. Security State Bank will NEVER contact you via phone or email to request sensitive information.