On March 1, 1984, at the young age of 30, Mike Wilson came to work at Security State Bank in Pearsall as a drive thru teller with the promise of becoming a loan officer once a spot was available. Mike’s hard work ethic helped him to promote to loan officer after a Senior VP had retired and left a vacant spot. He continued on his path to success while working under A. R. (Alex) Galloway, who was the President of SSB. In May of 2005, after the death of Mr. Galloway, Mike was promoted to President.

According to Mike, he actually started under the Bank when the bank was being built. After graduating from High School in 1971, his summer job was pulling the boards out from under the foundation of the bank.

Mike is probably the most proud of how the bank has grown during his tenure as President. Since June of 2005, the bank’s total assets have increased by over $283 million! That means that during the 14 years that Mike has been in charge, SSB’s total assets have almost doubled! But not only that, SSB’s loans have grown from $59 million to over $365 million, which is impressive to say the least!

Thank you Mike for all that you do for the SSB employees & customers! Congratulations on this milestone!