EMV Chip MasterCard

Security State Bank is pleased to announce that your new Chip MasterCard debit card will arrive in May.   Please discontinue using and destroy your VISA debit card as soon as you receive your new MasterCard chip card and it has been activated.  To activate your new card, simply follow the activation instructions on the sticker located on the front of the new card.  You can also activate your card by using your PIN number at an ATM or at a merchant.

Your Security State Bank MasterCard Debit Card ….

    • Has an EMV Chip inside of it. Just insert the card into the card reader for advanced protection against fraud. If the merchant is not set up to use EMV Chips, just swipe the card like normal.
    • PIN number. Your PIN number has NOT changed. You will continue to use the same PIN number that you used on your VISA card.
    • Pre-authorized Automatic Debit Transactions. You will need to submit your NEW MasterCard debit card number and expiration date to the originator of the transaction (i.e. Dish, Direct TV, cable). Your VISA card will not work after August 30, 2017.

Your MasterCard Debit Card is welcome at millions of locations that accept MasterCard debit cards. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions about your new card, you can contact any of our branches. Thank you for banking with Security State Bank.